ANNUAL EXHIBITION AND FORUM INTERNATIONAL DAY OF IMPORT AND EXPORT - the business community implements the Presidential Decree on increasing exports!
The annual exhibition and forum International Import and Export Day is a significant event for the Russian and international business community working in the field of international trade! It Takes Place IN SPRING AND AUTUMN.

The International Import and Export Day Forum is entirely an initiative of the business community as a response to the May Day Forum. Decree of the President of Russia of 2019 V. V. Putin "On national goals and strategic objectives of the development of the Russian Federation until 2024". The purpose of the forum is to promote the implementation of the tasks of the national project "International Cooperation and Export", the passport of which includes five federal projects: "Industrial export", "Export of agricultural products", "Logistics of international trade", "Export of services", "Systemic measures for the development of international cooperation and export".

Within the framework of the forum, specialized conferences, round tables, master classes and webinars are held. In 2020, the Organizing Committee of the forum, led by Pavel Dolgov, Vice President of the Association of Exporters and Importers, held one of the first online forums in Russia, training more than 60 speakers on the zoom platform and organizing broadcasts to 40 countries and 50 Russian regions.
Sergey Glaziev
Member of the Board (Minister) of Integration and Macroeconomics Eurasian Economic Commission
Allow me, on behalf of the Eurasian Economic Commission, to welcome the participants and guests of the International Import and Export Day 2020! I am convinced that this unique platform for establishing productive communication between business entities and representatives of agencies interested in intensifying trade and economic cooperation will become really popular, will serve to strengthen trust and create an atmosphere of cooperation and joint creation.
The timely initiated and organized Forum is, in fact, a platform for the selection of business partners, conceptual development of cooperation projects and adjustment of export and import strategies. I believe that the effectiveness of this work will make a significant contribution to achieving the goal of increasing the investment attractiveness of the economies of Russia and other member States of the Eurasian Economic Union.
Please accept my sincere wishes for the successful implementation of your plans and projects! Be safe and good luck!
Roman Starovoit
Russian politician, Governor of Kursk region
Dear guests and participants!
Welcome to the annual exhibition-forum "international import and export day 2020".
In the current foreign policy environment, this exhibition-forum is an important event, one of the tools to achieve the strategic goals of the state policy of the Russian Federation in the field of foreign trade.
Today, the implementation of transport and logistics opportunities in Russia's regions greatly contributes to the expansion of export projects, the creation of new jobs and stimulating economic growth, improving the investment and business climate.
The event is an effective platform that allows for an open dialogue between representatives of business, financial organizations and the expert community on key issues of development of foreign trade relations.
I hope that the recommendations developed during the event will contribute to the development of exports of Russian enterprises, as well as serve the effective implementation of the national project "international cooperation and export".
I am sure that the exhibition-forum will be held in a constructive manner and will open new opportunities for solving the tasks.
I wish the guests and participants of the event fruitful work, interesting meetings and further success!
Vitaly Mankevich,
President of the Russian-Asian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs (RAUIE)
Dear colleagues,
On behalf of RAUIE, I welcome the participants and guests of the International import and export day 2020 and thank all the organizers and participants of the forum for cooperation in the development of relations between Russia and Asia.
The development of the export field is one of the priorities of trade and economic relations between Russia and foreign countries. Russia and many partners have ambitious goals to increase trade turnover: 200 billion dollars with China by 2024; 30 billion dollars with India by 2024; and up to 10 billion dollars with Vietnam.
Naturally, energy export is the most important part of the overall trade turnover with the countries, and development of non-oil exports has been a problem for quite a while. Our state task is to bring the volume of such exports to the level of $ 200 billion, and for this purpose we are developing cooperation between the Russian and Asian regions, improving their mutual understanding and opening up opportunities for the export of various Russian goods. Now we are creating joint Russian-Chinese enterprises on Russian territory increasing the tax base in Russia and creating jobs. However, all these actions require joining forces at the political, investment and business levels.
The forum is an excellent platform for interaction. Problems will be identified here, and in the format of discussion will be able to find productive solutions. The exhibition and forum give great opportunity to express yourself: to talk about projects, share ideas and offer cooperation to companies for joint activities.
From this forum, we expect that the barriers will be overcome, and the business community will be able to take the dialogue to a new level. During the event, we will be able to jointly identify larger challenges for the future.
We wish the participants and guests of the forum to reach agreements on pressing issues, as well as effective business cooperation!
Anton Afanasiev,
Acting General Director of "Moscow Region Development Corporation"
20Dear colleagues,
On behalf of the government of the Moscow region, I welcome the participants and guests of the International import and export day 2020, and express my gratitude to the organizers of the event for the initiative to develop foreign trade relations.
The growth of non-commodity exports is one of the priorities of the domestic economy for the next 5 years. Very serious and ambitious tasks in this regard were set by the President Vladimir Putin in the framework of the May 2018 Executive orders. No less important in today's foreign policy environment is the right choice of strategy for the development of imports.
The solution of these problems requires consolidation of the business community, state scientific and public institutions. International import and export day 2019 is a platform where a constructive dialogue on the development of foreign trade between all interested structures is possible.
The forum is an opportunity to share successful practices, to hear business requests, to identify the most promising areas for the development of trade relations with foreign partners, to identify effective tools for increasing the foreign trade potential of the Russian economy.
I am confident that the business forum events will be useful to participants and guests and will help to make the right choice of the vector of import and export relations both at the level of private business and state institutions.
I wish productive work and constructive business communication to all participants and guests of the International import and export day 2020.
Alexander Prokhorov,
Head of the Department of Investment and Industrial Policy of Moscow
On behalf of the government of Moscow and the Department of Investment and Industrial Policy of Moscow, I welcome the organizers, participants and guests of the International import and export day 2020.
In conditions of competition and the existing global economic situation, international trade relations remain the most important link and engine of growth of economies, allowing companies to improve and move to a fundamentally new level.
Today, exporters and importers are facing increasingly ambitious goals, including improving and diversifying their products, entering new markets, and increasing profitability. Better approaches, technologies and tools are needed to address them.
The business platform of the world trade Center is a communication platform that brings together interested representatives of government, science, industry and business to exchange experiences and develop cooperation ties that contribute to the economic development of the city.
I am sure that the international import and export day 2020 will be another springboard for further business development and the entry of industrial enterprises into new markets.
I wish all participants of the event effective work, useful business contacts and new successes!
Ruslan Mirsayapov
ex-Chairman of the State Committee of the Republic of Bashkortostan for Foreign Economic Relations
On behalf Of the government of the Republic of Bashkortostan and on my own behalf, I welcome you and the participants of the first "International import and export day 2020".

Thank you for organizing this important event in terms of the development of foreign trade relations, localization of foreign partners in Russia, ensuring the effective implementation of national projects.

I am sure that the international day of import and export will contribute to the identification of promising projects in the regions, effective exchange of experience between Russian and foreign enterprises. I wish success to the participants of the event, good health and new mutually beneficial agreements.
Nikolay Stepanov
Head of the Sokol municipal district
On behalf of the Sokol municipal district in Moscow I welcome you participants, guests and organizers of the Spring session of the exhibition and forum
"The international day of import and export 2020"!
Export development is one of the most important tasks of foreign policy states. In modern foreign policy conditions this forum it is necessary to solve a number of key tasks and acquire new ones
partners and establishing mutually beneficial cooperation with foreign companies
Exhibition and forum "International day of import and export" unite representatives of government, business community and science every year. This
this is a great opportunity to identify current issues in the discussion format.
Foreign trade relations and find ways to solve them, determine the most favorable and comfortable terms of cooperation.
I am sure that the exhibition and forum will be useful to all participants events, and its rich schedule will be able to improve the import-export relations both between the business community and on the market state level.
I wish all exhibitors and visitors of the exhibition and forum an interesting and productive work, development of partnerships and success in business!
  • The Head of the Organizing Committee: Pavel Dolgov,
  • Assistant to Pavel Dolgov - Uliana Makarenko,, +7 963 611-34-44
  • Participation as an exhibitor and for sponsorship:, +7916-4785746, Valentina Karpova, Sponsorship Director
  • General operator: LLC "Enframe",,
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